kiddo daily delight – wishes in Guatemala


Our first activity day using Wish: Wishing Traditions Around the World by Roseanna Thong.  

Honoring the dead on All Soul’s Day, the children fly huge kites in the cemeteries of Guatemala.  The large and even larger kites carry wishes up to the gods:


We made our own kites.  The kiddos colored paper.  The builder, of course, chose to only use green (his favorite color), but the dancer used many colors (as usual).  The explorer teethed on markers.  🙂



The decorating was the easy part.  As for the kite building…I’ve not done it before.  It was a bit of a challenge, but the kiddos enjoyed the process.


If it would have been up to the builder, this large stick would have been part of his kite.  By the time we got the builder’s kite finished, the kiddos were ready to venture outside.


Outside there was wind.  Plenty, blowing in several directions.  We tried several times, but no luck flying today.  Fortunately the kiddos didn’t mind.  🙂  If you have a kite already, not a bad idea to use as back-up!  Now I know why we bought kites growing up…

I found some great sites on google this afternoon about kite making…for those of you that want to secure your success.  Hopefully the success of your kite does not affect the ability of your wishes to reach the gods. 🙂  We had a wonderful afternoon outside playing with the kite, dump trucks, bubbles, laying in the grass…

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