amazing ladies – elizabeth the beauty grower


I’ve been meaning to write about the amazing gals I know and love for a while.  Today seemed like the perfect day to start: Elizabeth’s birthday. 

Full of talents, my favorite thing I love about Elizabeth is her ability to make things grow. 

Plants adorn her home inside and out.  It doesn’t matter that she lives in the dry and plant limited Las Vegas, her abode is still a plant haven.  Succulents, vines, perennials…just about anything you can think of.  When staying with her last week, the kiddos couldn’t help but touch and admire each of her plants. 

0409-249  0409-234  0409-248

Designing with plants, of course, is her specialty, but she’s also quite the businesswoman.  The landscape architecture firm where she works would be void without her skills and leadership.  Studying with her in Vegas and Italy, I looked forward to her concepts and proposals…always inspiring and insightful. 

Not only does she have a green thumb, but she cultivates beauty wherever she goes.  Her Modern Sophisticated style has nostalgia and meaning at every turn.  Much like her beautiful mother, she knows how to live simply and filled with beauty. 

0409-236  0409-237

Finally, Elizabeth knows how to nurture peopleto help them become.  She believes in the potential of her friends and loved ones.  To be Elizabeth’s friend is to have a super fan for life.  She’ll stand by you, guide you, and help you become all you are supposed to be.  She’s taught me many things, but I’ll always be grateful for her encouragement for me to paint: she bought me my first watercolor set.  Oh the lucky Jonas to have this gorgeous Aunty E!


I love you bella and hope you are having a wonderful day!



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