kiddo daily delights – red red red by valerie gorbachev


Still working on the dancer understanding that colors have names.  It baffles me, for she colors nearly everyday, loves colors, has her favorites, is specific about her choices…even stubborn at times.  But when you ask her the color of something, her response is always, “red!”  For some reason, red is the only name for colors.


So we are trying different exercises, a recent one, using the book Red Red Red.  The story has vivid red examples.  After reading about turtle and his friends watching the red red red sunset, we began searching for our own red items.  The builder is really becoming a “game” fan.  The dancer loved helping him. 

0409-195   0409-194

0409-199    0409-197   0409-198

Did it work?  Well I think its a start.  In the meantime, any suggestions?

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