delight – knott’s with papa


Nothing better than vacationing at home.  We’ve already had such a wonderful time: Corona Del Marwith Nana & Dezzer, watching Brig and his team beat Villa Park in volleyball, and today’s visit to Knott’s Berry Farm with Papa. 


The weather was wonderful, actually cooled as the day went on (unlike yesterday’s record highs), the crowds non-existent.  A perfect day.


Of course the kiddos loved it.  They were in heaven.


As for meeting Snoopy, the dancer looks scared, but she’s not as scared as the builder who was too scared to stand near him!


The absence of crowds left the kiddos to wander to their heart’s content.  They loved exploring and discovering.


Everyone got time just with Papa.  The explorer loves his Papa!


The designer and I had a wonderful time riding the lil’ rides with the kiddos.  The explorer only rode the merry-go-round, but as he did, he sang.  (Always an affirmation that he is soo happy!)


Thanks for making time for us Papa!  We had a perfect day!

4 thoughts on “delight – knott’s with papa

    • My parents say hello on back! 🙂 Still so impressed about your recital…you are such a beautiful momma!

  1. Knott’s berry farm! Love that place! Looks like you guys had a great time.
    PS: how are you doing, hope life is treating you well. How are your baby blues? (I blogged about PPD a few weeks ago.) We are doing great here.

    • Hi Terresa 🙂

      I’m oh so happy to say I think the blues have gone…I’ve noticed a disticnt difference the past month or so. Its so nice! Somehow I missed that post…I’ll come on over and check it out!

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