delight – newport beach temple visit


As you know, I haven’t been painting or working on creative projects this week, but on this Artful Thursday, I’ll share photos from our temple visit; a perfect example of stunning architecture.


Not too long ago, we went with our friends, the Houghs, to the Draper Temple Open House.  Afterwards, I asked Lesa what Steve thought about our visit.  He was surprised at how simple the temple decorations were.  Funny, because I was impressed by all the art, it seemed more than I have remembered seeing.  Though you are definitely more aware during an Open House.  🙂


But Steve is right.  LDS temples are less ornate than the gorgeous cathedrals that dot the earth.  In my travels I have enjoyed many gorgeous churches and cathedrals.  Beautiful architecture, historical reminders of periods and styles.  Church art, biblical scenes within the glass.  Beauty at every turn. 


And then there is the House of the Lord: simply elegant, full of light, stunning, yet not made to take away from the purpose for which they have been made.  Craftsmanship and beauty at every turn, but never overly adorned or ornate. 


After our visit, we walked the gardens, sat next to the fountain and talked for a while.  About our family’s future, our plans, goals, our someday home.  We talked about our needs and our desires for beauty.  Further reflection reminds me that our homes are to be like the house of the Lord: a refuge from the world.  We can pattern our home after the design of the temple.  Need, function and beauty.  Finding that balance will truly create the home that we will love and love within it’s walls.


2 thoughts on “delight – newport beach temple visit

    • Oh, I LOVE the Los Angeles Temple. Until the Newport Beach Temple opened, we were in the LA Temple district. 2-3 times a year I went with the Young Women to do temple work. I love it there. When we were younger, my parents would take us kiddos and a babysitter. As they did a session inside, we would hang with the sitter in the Visitor’s Center. We loved talking with the missionnaries, watching the videos…it was a wonderful first impression of the Temple and it’s spirit.

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