kiddo daily deligt – the midnight unicorn by neil reed


When Nana and Gigi visited last month, they left the kiddos with an early Easter treat: modeling clay.  Color after color, pulled, rolled twisted.  Animal after animal, creature after creature created.  They took a break only because we packed up and moved across the Heber Valley to Midway. 


A wonderful story we began reading lately is The Midnight Unicorn by Neil Reed.  A story of a young girl, Millie, who loves to visit a garden with a unicorn statue.  The statue is magic and takes her away from her fears experiencing new adventures.  Millie flys on the unicorn, accompanied by her dog, to the desert, through the billowy clouds, a deserted island, through the waves with their dolphin friends, and ultimately meets more unicorn friends.


Just as the statue is so real to Millie, the clay figures represent so much for the kiddos.  The designer and I have enjoyed helping them form all kinds of creatures, including bugs, butterflies, crocodiles, elephants, and tigers.


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