theory – moving confessions


We’re soo close.  Too close.  Moving has been harder than I thought.  I have so many rambled thoughts and confessions…

  1. the guilt – I think the hardest part about moving was feeling like there was never enough time: time for the usual stuff the kiddos and I do each day, time to sit and enjoy one another, time to get everything done.  I thought if we did it slowly, one load each evening and put everything away, that there would be time to run like usual.  My poor lil’ brain had a hard time doing it all. 
  2. friendship – Again, I was reminded that during difficult times, friendship is verified.  I was amazed at my beautiful friends always offering to help.  Having full plates themselves, I was reluctant to accept help.  Just having willing hands and hearts meant so much to me.  Thanks ladies.  There were a couple I finally gave in to (Sara & Brittoni): so grateful for your help! 
  3. still hard to ask – When I received a phone call last Thursday afternoon, wondering where we were…I realized that I had hit bottom.  I had forgotten the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Aunts’.  I felt horrible.  Clearly I needed some help and was being too proud to ask.  Oh, how I despise asking for help. Oh well, too late I guess.  🙂
  4. routine – I have missed our routine.  The move has thrown us like a tossed green salad…wondering where to land or how.  Today was the first in a couple weeks that felt a bit more ‘normal!’
  5. exhaustion – This one should be a given.  I just didn’t realize all the brain power and physical stress it would be to pack us and get organized.
  6. daily delights – Being so tired each night left little time for me and my ‘projects.’  I was even too tired to simply write about it!  I guess sometimes I have to count rest as a daily delight.
  7. less is more – Our one car garage is packed to the brim, and 85% of it will hopefully leave us during the garage sale we hope to have (very soon…as soon as the snow and rain leave!)  My favorite part of moving is usually the ‘throwing out.”  Its just so liberating.
  8. neighbors– As we return, we find that we know every one in our building but one of the 8 units.  It’s been a great reuniting of sorts.  We’re planning a summer bbq as soon as the weather heats up!
  9. sad to leave– Sunday was especially hard.  I didn’t prepare for the stream of tears that came as the primary children sang, “I’m trying to be like Jesus.”  There is so much room in my heart for the children of the Mill Road Ward.  They taught me so much.  I was amazed at their talent, courage, faith, and enthusiasm.    I will miss them.  As for the ladies of the ward…especially those who I have visit taught, been taught by, and taught with: those friendships I will miss the most.  Every month I felt the support, learned so much, and wish I could take those ladies with me!
  10. growth– So much happened in Dummar home: the grower was born, the designer started and finished his mba, I accepted and learned in several callings that I loved, the designer became the ultimate dad at church…taking care of everyone as I took on callings that required his full attention for our kiddos, not to mention his own callings.  We learned a lot about what we really want in a home.  We are working to better understand our needs as a family.  Definitely a time for growth and learning.

At lunch today, I mentioned to the designer that I wish we’d had an Estate Sale inside, since the weather has been so bad…then maybe our garage wouldn’t be full!  I guess we’ve learned for next time!

Despite the designer’s brother reminding us that we don’t have to move every time we graduate and/or have a baby…:)…I imagine we’ll move again in the not-so-distant-future.  What are your moving success stories?  Or nightmares? 

Though we tried to do it ourselves, the last bit got packed by my willing family, and I found myself calling for help yesterday as I couldn’t find the laundry detergent.  🙂  Thank goodness my dad has an amazing memory!  Oh, and when I lost a contact last night, I couldn’t find a replacement or my glasses.  🙂 

p.s.  Some of the items we’re looking to sell:

  • a dining set that seats 6-8 and has 8 or 9 chairs
  • two couches
  • a smaller dining table that would seat 4
  • a drafting table
  • bbq grill
  • large dresser with mirror
  • linens, linens, and more linens (some never used)
  • tons of kitchen stuff (tools that I don’t use, pans, pots, crystal…)
  • baby stuff galore
  • books
  • clothes, frames, home decorations…(like a beautiful rooster I have no room for)…

I’ll be sure to post the sale date if you’re nearby:  promising fantastic prices!  🙂

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