kiddo daily delight – the country bunny and the little gold shoes by dubose heyward


The dancer was busy trying on my high heels this morning.  She’s tried on most of my shoes, but my heels have usually been out of reach until the move.  “I need to go,” she explained.  “I’ll see you later…I go to Granma’s howse.”



It’s been rainy most of the morning (snowing at present), so I thought it was a great time to reread The Country Bunny.  The kiddos thought all the eggs to be delivered were exciting, as well as the many bunnies the Country momma Bunny had.  As for this momma, I would love to teach our kiddos to care for the house better than myself.  What a great task, but what invaluable lessons they would learn!


Are you still reading Easter books at your house?  What have your favorites been this season?

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