kiddo daily delight – worms & weather


Preschool began in Centers as usual:


Mason did three of the lacing cards.


Ray, Jack & Carsten enjoyed the bug center.


Mason matching Brown Bear & friends.


The clubhouse has an accent color in the carpet, and the boys drove their cars along it and under the table…all around the room.


Using Jack’s large legos, we built a tunnel for their cars.


All of a sudden, we realized disaster was ahead…we convinced Mason that he was too big to go through the tunnel.


An unplanned Center…


Apparently, during the move, the laundry detergent had spilled in the lego blocks.  After building our tunnel, we washed the blocks.


We read some books as the boys ate their snack.  They looked for worms in their apples, but, luckily, we didn’t find any!  🙂 

Our first story was  a weather book, Rain or Shine, by Dr. Alvin Granoswsky.  An informative book with great photographs of different weather.  The boys enjoyed talking about the thunder & lightning.  It was a perfect day as we sat by the glass sliding doors: we could see sunshine, snow, and water rapidly driping off the roof (looking like rain).


We read two other stories with some weather/seasons: The Berenstein Bear’s & the Spooky Old Tree, and Sylvester & the Magic Pebble by William Steig.  They LOVED the Spooky Old Tree story (we had to read it twice, and they requested a third, but I didn’t think we had time for a third reading) :). 


sylvesterandthemagicpebble  And yes, they thought it was bizarre that Sylvester chose to be a rock when the scary lion appeared.  🙂

After another trip to the drinking fountain, we were getting ready to go outside and hunt for worms.  Annelisa arrived and went on the hunt with us.  🙂 


Oh, did we find worms…mostly dried, however!  Great for inspecting without them wiggling, I guess.  It’s been a fun year boys!

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