kiddo daily delight – buzz bumble to the rescue by lynn hazen


A couple months ago, Miss Sally (our storytelling guru at the Library), did a wonderful day on honey.  Today, the preschool kiddos read several bee books including Buzz Bumble to the Rescue by Lynn Hazen.


A beautiful story about siblings, talents, sharing, & family.  I think my favorite part was when his lil’ sister got caught in the Venus fly trap…great illustrations.


Oh, as we waited for Ray and Mason, we had a visitor today: Brielle.  We could not understand her name when she told us, so we called her “visitor.”  She was darling.


The kiddos buzzed around, looking for flowers to pollinate,


they learned the official bee dance, “the waggle,”


guarded their honey, ate honey on bread, honeycomb cereal, and bananas for their snack,


and revisited Miss Sally’s painting with honey (corn syrup & food coloring).

During outdoor time, they even hunted for bees (cautiously of course!)  It was a wonderfully sweet honey filled morning.  Sara, you’re amazing!

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