kiddo daily delight – birth books


It’s been a fun day.  The builder loved his bike.  It was gorgeous today, so the kiddos spent most of it outdoors.  The dancer was so excited to have inherited the “Lightning McQueen trike, and the explorer, just as happy to ride her pedal-less trike.  He spent a good amount of time pushing it all over the driveway and grass. 

We’re beginning a new tradition: the week of one of the kiddo’s birthdays, I want to read their special birth books from their Nana, to all of them, all week long.  The explorer’s should be coming soon.  This week we’ll be reading:

grandmotherpromises Grandmother’s book of promises by Karen Hill

lovedyoubeforeyouwereborn  I Loved You Before You Were Born by Anne Bowen

andherestoyou  And Here’s to You! by David Elliot

happybirthday  Happy Birth Day by Robie H. Harris

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