kiddo daily delight – the golden egg by a.j. wood


There were several fun activities Sara planned for the preschool gang this morning.  The designer borrowed my camera, so I don’t have photos to share, but found a couple online, from interesting sources.  🙂

One of the activities during Centers, was to fill plastic eggs with rice, beans, cereal, and/or macaroni.  The kids enjoyed making various sounds depending on what they chose to fill the eggs, and how much they used.  Our intention was to use them later as musical instruments. 

I’m not sure which books she used, for Baby Will and I were chilling, but they were about eggs and the different animals that are born from eggs and those that aren’t.  The kids were really into it. 

Here’s a fun book about Easter Eggs that I’d love to read with my kiddos:


A little duck searching for the golden egg, readers take on their own egg hunt, opening flaps that reveal foil surprises.  Anyone read it?

As for the images I found while looking for plastic eggs…


The first came from Victoria Everman: Sustainable, Creative, Enlightened Living…I enjoyed stopping by her site.  She had great suggestions and all sorts of green crafts, I’ll definitely be back.

Then, I checked out some green eggs:


These beauties can be purchased on Century Novelty, $129 for 2000 eggs.  “Wow,” I thought to myself, “2000 eggs, who needs 2000 plastic eggs that really aren’t “green” at all?”  🙂 

What fun Egg/Easter themed projects have you been doing with your kiddos?

2 thoughts on “kiddo daily delight – the golden egg by a.j. wood

  1. My kids and I had been blowing out all our eggs anytime we made eggs, just making a little hole in the top and bottom and blowing the egg out. Once we had enough (about 12-18 since we knew some would break), we dyed the eggs over spring break. Then we hung them from a cute little branch over our table. I’ll have to email you a picture. I think the kids had fun and it turned out really cute.

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