development – “station serenity” : heber creeper train engine painting


Station Serenity 

Another fun adventure during the Midway Art Association’s Plein Air contest 2007.  It was a hot afternoon as I sat in the shade of the Heber Valley Railroad Station Depot’s trees.  One of the conductors came to see which of his engines & trains I had decided to paint.  We had a lovely chat.  Wish I could remember his name J.  I even called later to see if I could take it down for him to see.  He was very interested in seeing the final product.  I had no idea how many conductors the Railroad has.  Maybe we’ll meet again one of these days. 

The builder enjoyed this painting in his room for quite a while.  He was the inspiration for painting trains.  His fascination about them was infectious and I knew I had to find out more about them through painting. Now we’re honored to have in hanging in Steve & Lesa’s home. 

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