kiddo daily delight – froggy learns to swim by jonathon london


It was snowing again today, and although the kiddos and I are looking forward to summer (even spring), we’ve found that we can wait no longer.  They are bathing a couple times a day (at least). Lately, they request water fun in the afternoon, and by then I am usually ready for a break.  🙂 


They have so much fun together, and yes, there is a lot of water outside of the tub.  The other day the builder began requesting swimming suits, so I guess we really are gearing up for summer fun.  I had just taken the explorer out before this photo, but he adores the time as well. 

Froggy Learns to Swim is a wonderful book for little swimmers.  I remember being scared at my first swimming lessons, just like Froggy.  Yet, I’m hoping that the kiddos will continue to enjoy the water as they are these days!  We’ll be reading this one a lot as summer gets closer.  🙂



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