discovery – friday favs


the grower – has a new name!  When he began crawling and exploring a couple months ago, I knew “the grower” would not be appropriate forever…I found it rather quickly, just haven’t had the heart to change it.  So don’t get confused, the lil’ guy will also be known as “the explorer”, and for good reason!  He independently finds his own way and his own discoveries…wonder what he’ll learn next.  🙂

the magic of turmeric – not just another wonderful spice, turmeric has medicinal properties, antiviral, antibiotic, anticancer and antioxidant properties.  The curcumin in turmeric actually helps cell membranes to be more orderly, resist infection and malignancy. 

music class with Miss Kristi – A Spring semester is approaching…will you be there?  Have you heard about Miss Kristi’s fantastic class?  Read all about it here.

Simple Farm life in Maine– missing the designer’s brother, his wife, and their precious newby Dale already…hope they find a place to live that’s just as magical.

does sun exposure really cause skin cancer? – video interview of Dr. Heaney: an MD, researcher, and an editor of the most important nutiritional journals in the world.

4 more days – to enter the painting giveaway!  🙂

Enjoy your weekend! 


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