kiddo daily delight – pooh bear’s expedition to the north pole


Boxes from Costco are one of the toys of choice these days.  The kiddos build and carry, push, and pull with the boxes.  This morning they were busy building a train, traveling to far-away places, and taking turns being the conductor.


I love it when they play with boxes, for it is very easy for the explorer to play along with his older siblings.  He feels such a part of everything, and it is always a joy to watch.


In this particular journey, the kiddos built the train in the kitchen, which I always appreciate, for it seems there are endless activities for me to do there.  🙂


After watching their train adventure, I looked through The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie the Pooh, and thought we better read Chapter eight, In Which Christopher Robin Leads an Expotition to the North Pole.


I love this tale, for it begins as Pooh Bear is busy working on a new song.  His imagination, persistence, it is simply charming.  (Note to self: we need to write songs like Pooh Bear next week)  Soon he meets up with Christopher Robin and is told that they are to discover the North Pole (which is just a thing to discover), and that all of their friends are to go and bring provisions (food). 

I hope that next time the kiddos go off on a big adventure in their box train, that they’ll remember Pooh’s singing, discovering, and make sure to bring along a snack.  🙂 


We’ll have to watch Polar Expressto help them remember about the North Pole.  (We’re still listening to the Hough’s Children’s Christmas album 2007 in the car, for the kiddos still request “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”  I don’t mind it, especially the reminder to be good in the car…oh, we can always use a reminder for that.  Though I did start us a bit early on Christmas Carols, just after Halloween, so it’s been 6 months so far.  Christmas all-year-long is really kinda nice)!

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