delight- enjoying the poop-filled moments


On the way home from Girls Night Out, Sara and I decided that we need to be happy with the poop!

So many of us are in the poop stage.  Wondering what it will be like in the nearby grassy field.  Brittoni reminded us of the obstacles just around the bend…the temptation our kiddos will face and the challenges they will have to overcome.

Well, we’ve decided to celebrate where we are.  To embrace to poop that is engulfing us right now. 

As my lil’ family and I spent a few hours with my mom and Grommie, I couldn’t help but feel so lucky to have our kiddos. 

Gratitude, for the time we share together each day.  Fortunate, that they are a part of my life.  Happy for their personalities, the things they teach me each day.  For their outlook, their honesty, their determination and attention to detail.  And above all: their abundance of love.

I recommitted this morning to being more patient, to having more fun, eating before we are hungry, and to savor each and every moments (poop filled as they may be)!


4 thoughts on “delight- enjoying the poop-filled moments

  1. You are so cute! I love your insights! lol
    I am gratefull for right now with my kids too. I always wished I could go back to my childhood, but then I remind myself that I wouldn’t have all the people I have in my life now, husband, kids, inlaws if I were to go back to being a kid, and I realize that in 20 years, now is the time I might be wishing to go back to again. I watched a good movie once, about an old man that rode his tractor across the nation to go visit his brother that he hadn’t talked to in years. I wish I could remember the name of the movie, because it was so heart tugging and sweet.
    He said to some of the people that he met on his journey, when they asked him what age would he go back to if he had the chance, that he loves the age he is now, because you only get one chance to live the age you are now. Some day we will miss the poop filled days, because our kids will be potty trained and not so little and innocent anymore. : ) I like this. : )

    • Life is so good when you take a step back and further reflect. Just like the man in your movie, I don’t want to look back and feel like I missed something. thx for your thoughts!

  2. What a good reminder to enjoy the poop and timely for me to as I am potty training my little Luke. They are definitely still poop filled days. Thanks!

    • It’s funny, we actually had an amazing potty training day yesterday….guess I just had to embrace the poop! 🙂 hugs to lil’ Luke!

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