theory – the need to create


Do you have a list of projects you’re excited to tackle?  Me too.  There’s the canvas with preliminary sketches hanging in the dining room, our kitchen table I want to refinish and re-paint, do the same with the dining chairs, re-upholster the chairs with fabric that I’m going to piece and sew myself (well, when I figure out how to thread the needle…:).  Something exciting: beauty waiting to happen, just around the bend.

The designer is counting down the last two weeks of his MBA.  He has already begun making his own list of projects.  Yet there is something different.  There is a greater excitement behind each one.  Perhaps it is the prospect of being without nightly reading and papers, or maybe he is glad to do a project that is not needed around the house…instead, one that he has chosen, one that he is looking forward to building, creating.

Not only do many of us have a desire to create, but undoubtedly, for many of us, perhaps all of us, there is the need to create. 

It brings new life, hope, beauty, opportunities and a new perspective. 

So as we will celebrate this new phase of our lives together: the designer’s latest achievement, I will also be honoring his desire to create.  Acknowledge the need he has to build and create projects of his choosing, to learn something new, to design, and see his dreams become a reality.

I just hope he knows how proud I am of his accomplishments these past few years: in school, at home, at church, in his profession.  How proud his Father must be (truly, there was a time when only his Father could be the encouragement he needed, desired).  We’ll be celebrating in a couple weeks…I know He will be there.


p.s.  the photos were taken this weekend, in downtown Park City.  Lunch with my mom and Grommie at Good Karma, we were driving them past the ski slope where the builder took his first run.  The shoe filled tree was so inspiring, we turned around to stop and get a closer look.  A beautiful space surrounding the tree, a stream, walking paths, benches, seclusion from the nearby road…we’ll be back soon to further explore. 


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