kiddo daily delight – i love my pirate papa: pirate show


It’s been an exciting week, finding all sorts of ways to enjoy “I Love My Pirate Papa” by Laura Leuck.  Just in case you missed any of the fun and need a little rewind:

  1. Treasure Hunting – During fhe, the kiddos hunted for gravel pushed into the yard during the Winter
  2. Treasure Map – We made our own treasure map and drew paths for various ships
  3. High Seas Adventure – the kiddos played outdoors on their pirate ship, busily gathering provisions for their voyage
  4. Paper Pirates – we made stick puppet pirates and friends
  5. Pirate Play – that was today…

We set up our own stage using our piano bench and Nemo blanket (very appropriate).  Together, we played using the puppets, until they had a general idea of what to do.



I turned on the credits of “The Curse of the Black Pearl” for our background music.  (My brothers would play outside for hours with their friends, fighting in the tree house, while blaring the Pirate’s Soundtrack).  The kiddos just lied down in front of the tv, watching the credits climb up the screen and listening contently.  🙂

Then the builder was ready to perform his own show:

click here for the video (keep in mind, it is his first, and own playwright)

Soon the dancer joined in (our lil’ mimic):

here’s the second video, nothing spectacular…but it’s a start!


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