discovery – this week’s favs


Just wanted to share a few favorite finds from this week…

Teaching your child to ride a bike– this was the designer’s find, and he was soo jazzed as he told me what he learned last night!

Testing baby formula for anitbiotics – new independent (not part of fda or formula companies) study testing 20 different baby formulas for leaching antibiotics.

Miracle liquid – Elixir that cleans, disinfects, used in hotels (thank goodness), and even pool maintenance…could this help us in a disaster?  It’s green, inexpensive…and mainstream soon?  Wonderful.

Permaculture at it’s best – the relationship between people and the land: reduce, reuse, grow our own food, self-sustaining?  Here is a beautiful example that has become a reality.

Food additives with estrogen effects? – i know, more labels to read…

Have a wonderful weekend!  My mother and Grommie have just got into town…looking forward to a family filled weekend outdoors (as much as possible)!  This morning’s kdd #5 “i love my pirate papa” activity went fantastically, I’ll post the videos later, but I’ve got two kiddos napping so I’m off to paint!

p.s.  It’s not too late to enter the painting giveaway!  🙂 


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