development – site architecture


Two new pages have just been launched:

healthy recipe archives


food allergy archives

These pages have  a small photo and a short blurb about each recipe or post.  Hoping those of you searching for specifics will find what you seek!

So here’s the confession, I love writing, I love designing,…but I’m having a hard time learning html code and making the daily delights look like I’m envisioning.

But it’s coming, so thanks for your patience.  🙂

I want this site to be a place that is easy to navigate and find information…so I’m moving to, trying to make it more user-friendly.  Until I make the official move (not to worry, this part doesn’t affect you or how you get to the daily delights) I’m building the site piece by piece, learning about buttons and sidebar details…:)  Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t just stick to blogger…but I was up for a new challenge!  🙂

Any pros out there with a bit of advice?  Any little tidbit would sure make my day! 

It’s been hard, but a great learning experience for sure.

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