discovery – becoming a health consumer


Last week I shared a muffin recipe from a local chiropractor, EJ Ravin’s newsletter.  Tuesday night my sister-in-law, Traci, and I attended his health seminar together. 

The crowd was not large, though it was refreshing to find others searching to imporve their health non-traditionally.

Dr. Raven’s topic was becoming a health consumer.  He explained that we have many health options out there, that they all have their place.  His main concern is that when seeing a health practitioner/traditional doctor/surgeon/whatever, that we feel we have been given options to weigh.  Even more importantly, we are able to take these options and make a decision that we feel good about; in our minds and hearts.

There are few that believe our health care system is working and in tip top shape.  So how can we make a difference?  I believe that Dr. Raven is right.  We have to become consumers when it comes to our health.  This takes time, effort, and of course, money. 

But our health is more important than money anyways right?

A couple other ideas discussed: 

  • within each of us lies an innate ability to heal.  Getting the right help, making the right decisions, will enable that healing.
  • healing takes time.  Many of the stories Dr. Raven shared were healing stories that took several months.  Yes, some patients felt better immediately, but most needed time.
  • are we only looking for a quick fix?  It is a relief to go into the doctor’s office and receive the perfect remedy…to see results quickly.  I think we expect it.  Yes, I believe our health care system is imperfect, but are we the culprits?  Do we expect a quick fix?
  • who is the victim?  I for one, do not rejoice in having a bone disease.  With our health, it’s easy to believe that we are the victim.  Victims of unfortunate events, malpractice, or drug side effects?  But we can be proactive.  Make better decisions.  Eat better.  Taking control of our health means not allowing ourselves to remain the victim.  Choose to be a finder of answers.  Follow your heart.

Looking forward to the next meeting.  I’ll be sure and announce information if you’re interested.  Thanks again, Traci, such a good idea. 

2 thoughts on “discovery – becoming a health consumer

  1. i’m constantly trying to figure out what i believe about how to be healthy. phew. i love thinking about this topic. thanks.:)

    • I feel like it’s a constant battle myself. Time changes, responsibility changes, and we change views and priorities. I think the most important thing is to be open to whatever is the right health path for you and your family. New drugs, new methods, in and out of traditional medicine. To be ready for the right thing at the right time. hugs!

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