delight – the dancer’s “growing-up song” by gigi (my grommie)


I am so blessed to have my Grommie a part of  my life!  Magic, poetry, music and song wherever she goes.  Always willing to share her latest great read, political view, philosophical discovery.  Creating, dreaming, sharing: that is my Grommie.

Below is an email I received from her last night, I hope it warms your hearts as it did mine (ps. keep in mind, that the song she wrote for the dancer is to the tune of West Side Story’s Somewhere…one of my favorites, though I had not told her this.  Also, even though I omit her name as usual, it, like ‘the dancer’ is three syllables, so you can still get the beauty of this heirloom of a song):

Dear (dancer),
Once upon a time, long long ago, when your mother was about the age you are now she lived in California, close enough to me so that she could visit me allllll the time.  I would read to her and tell her stories and she would laugh and sing and dance, and I loved her very much, for she was the music of my heart.  One day,as her music was singing and dancing so merrily in my heart, I thought,”I must sing this song to her, so she will always know how much I love her..”  And so “The Katrina Song” was born and this is how i t goes:
     I love Katrina, Katrina loves me.
          When she comes to her Grommie’s house I kiss Katrina!
     And then Katrina, Katrina kisses me
          And we are as happy as can be.
    Oh, we have a thing-a, Me and my Katrina,
          And we sing a song about Katrina!         
    I love Katrina, Katrina loves me.
          We are as happy as can be!

So, over and over again, I would sing this little song to your Mother.  On special occasions We would sing this song together..  On unspecial occasions we would sing this song, and if ever we were sad, we would sing this song and then we would no longer be sad because the song made us happy.
After a while, your  mother got BIGGER and she went off to school and she began to dream about the architecture of her life—how did she want to build her life’s dream, what would be the tools she would need?
One day while she was in school and dreaming her dreams, she met a tall and handsome boy  named (the designer).  (the designer) was also dreaming about the architecture of his life.  (The designer) made her laugh and made her heart sing and dance.  They soon learned that their dreams fit together, and that together they were BETTER than they had ever been before because they each had very good tools that they could share.  And so the architecture of their lives together began to take shape and because they were together, their lives were BRIGHTER!
So Katrina and (the designer) moved to Heber in Utah, which is many miles from California, so Katrina could no longer come to visit alllllll the time, but on special occasions (like Birthdays) I would call on the phone and sing The Katrina Song  and we would then be glad. 
So, after a while the architecture of the lives of Katrina and (the designer) got BIGGER when a wonderful little boy they named (the builder) came to live with them, and after a while it got even BETTER when a wonderful little girl they named (the dancer) arrived, and finally their lives got even BRIGHTER when another wonderful little boy they named (the grower) came to stay, and the three wonderful children called Katrina’s Grommie “Gigi.”  
Now not a day goes by that I do not miss that little girl,who is still the music of my heart and I am sad that Katrina’s  wonderful little girl (named the dancer) does not live close enough to me to come visit alllllllll the time, for I would love to see her laugh and sing and dance.  But just thinking of her makes music in my heart, and once again I thought, “I must write this down, so that she will know that even though we live many miles apart, I love her still.”  And so I wrote a “growing up” song called, “Somewhere/(the dancer)” and this is how it goes:  
   (the dancer) is bright—A source of love and light.
         Touched with beauty and charm and grace,
   Oh, so fair of face!
   (the dancer) is neat—So true, precise and sweet.
         See her stretching and watch her learn—
         Now she dances at every turn!

So (dancer), there is your “growing up” song.  Perhaps your Mom can sing it to you (because she knows the music that is in my heart) when you dance around together or perhaps she could sing it to you before you go to sleep at night, and perhaps I could sing it to you when I come visit you and when you come to California to visit me.  And perhaps, when you “grow up” a little more, I could write some more verses.  But remember, no matter how big and grown up you are, I will NEVER stop loving you
            With much love,


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