kiddo daily delight – fhe & i love my pirate papa by laura leuck


At playgroup this morning, Sara suggested we take home a library book that she knew the builder would love.  Oh, was she right!  “I Love My Pirate Papa” is a wonderful adventure staring a wee pirate and his papa.  The rhymes carry you through the daily life of a pirate, the vocabulary we have come to enjoy around here. 


We didn’t hunt for pirate booty tonight, or hoist the Jolly Roger, but we did dig for treasure…or at least some unwanted gravel in the front lawn.  🙂

The designer, especially has caught Spring Fever…or at least the desire to be outdoors in the yard.  He has two more weeks of school and is soo looking forward to spending his evenings gardening and landscaping.  (So much like his Dad) 🙂

All the snow pushing left quite a bit of gravel in the yard. 


So as he racked it up, the builder, dancer, and their cousin Joshy would load their dump trucks and race across the street to Joshy’s gravel drive, where they dumped their load.



So intent on their work.  As he would turn with his load, Joshy would exclaim, “This job site is finished!”  After a couple rounds of this, I announced, “Can we build it?”  Joshy stopped, turned ’round to look at me, wide eyed and amazed.  “Who says that Joshy?” I asked.  “Bob the Builder!” he excitedly replied.


After collecting gravel, we loaded pine cones and needles.  Though I did not contribute much, my shoulders are especially achyfrom the little scooping I did with the ever growing grower on my back.


What a beautiful evening.  Looking forward to more wonderfully filled nights outdoors working and playing together!

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