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So my birthday is rapidly approaching in April…I’ll be 32…shhh.  🙂  My family members love to ask what I would like, and I usually haven’t a clue what to tell them. 

I recently asked one of our local librarians (the third, to whom I’ve posed this same question) what they do with the past issue magazines.  I received the usual answer: “They are put on the free shelf.”  Because it was the typical response, (they must be trained in response protocol), I offered that I check there regularly, but must be checking on the wrong days. 

She looked up from checking out our books and seemed to see me beyond my library card for the first time.  “What magazine are you looking for?” she asked.  I replied, “Oh, anything with design, though I prefer “Domino.” 

“Oh, she saves them for me.”  (She?  Who is this mysterious Domino saver?…) Then we had a nice chat about how much we both enjoyed Domino and how sad it is that they have published their final issue.  Now knowing that Domino, Sunset, Better Homes and Gardens, Natural Home, Country Living, Style, or any other of the cool magazines, mysteriously elude the “free shelf,”  I told her that I have been making things with magazines.  That I love to use the great design and that the paper thickness is perfect for my creations.  (Truthfully, I’d never be able to tear apart Domino…but some of the others…)?

If that wasn’t enough, I went on, “Well, when your magazines pile up and you’re done with them, you could always save them for me.”  Funny: those typical librarians, so good at the expressionless.  (No they are not all alike, Jamaica is the exception at our library.) 🙂

Another exception: my Grommie.  Again, not your typical librarian.  If you ask her a question, you’ll always receive a well thought answer based on her peering carefully into your soul.  Yes, she is one-of-a-kind.  She was injured recently, and has not been working at her library.  She wants to move to Orem, Utah, so if anyone can help this charming fountain-of-knowledge land a new library position nearby, please let us know! 

Grommie, if you’re reading this, do the Placentia Librarians take home the out-of-date magazines, and could you rescue an issue or two for me? 

Ok, off track as usual…

My birthday list:  so I would love a copy of Domino: The Book of Decorating: A room-by-room guide to creating a home that makes you happy.  Truly a book that I will pour over for years to come.  A happy reference of how to make a simple home beautiful by paying closer attention to the details.


I think the main reason why I love their ideas so, is that many of the designs come straight out of my dreams.  There are few rooms where these would be manifest (for the designer’s sake), but having ones dreams in one safe place seems oh, so wonderful!

So there it is…a Domino birthday wish.  The book, an issue or two…that would be a wonderful gift.  Since my family rarely read my ramblings…I’ll have to remember to tell them that I have an idea this year.  🙂

Is anyone out there as disappointed about this Domino-dismantling as I am?  I’ve taken a few replacement suggestions where I’m finding domino design solace:

Do you miss Domino?  What do you suggest?  How about great home decorating sites?

3 thoughts on “discovery – domino: a birthday wish

  1. I love Domino, and I gave a subscription to it to two or three friends for Christmas this year. Imagine my distress when I heard it would not longer be published. I also gave Wondertime to a few friends…and it is suffering the same fate! So sad!

    Thanks for your nice comments about Matt’s wedding. It was THRILLING. We are so happy for him. Ananda is a wonderful match for him. (It took us a long time to accept that we couldn’t get YOU in the family…) (ha ha) (But really, I had that planned since I started babysitting your darling family back in the day).

    • Hi Kerri,

      Wow, I am sorry for your friends who had received such thoughtful gifts!

      As for Matt…he was my first true crush! I am so glad he found Amanda,…he is incredible! She must be one amazing gal!:)

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