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A couple Saturdays ago, I was busily doing the weekly chores.   Grateful to be alone, realizing that I can accomplish so much more in such a short space of time, and found myself listening to an interview on the radio.

The interview was with Maria Covey Cole, (and yes, she is Stephen Covey’s daughter) who was talking about her latest book: “Contentment.”  I was immediately intrigued as she shared some views about motherhood. 

I’d like to share some of the things she shared that touched me, and would love to hear if anyone has read the book already or heard her interview.  At the time of the interview, it was not released yet, but should be surfacing soon.

Motherhood is a role that we learn– This struck me, for yes, as women, we have innate qualities that help us mother and nurture.  But this does not guarantee perfection as mothers, success in our teaching and raising children, nor does it mean that motherhood will be easy.   I think I need to write this one above my doorway from our bedroom…:)

Contentment is a Process– I soo believe this one to be true.  As we travel on this journey of life, we grow, meet challenges, and continue to learn; ever changing.  Why would contentment be any different.  A process of choice as we meet each challenge. 

Joy in Service – Maria talked about the importance of finding joy in our lives (that there are ways to serve right in front of us: friends, neighbors, family that need service).  She believes that we don’t need to “go out and seek fulfillment.”  That we should and can find it in our lives.  

Motherhood is not a time, but a life-long calling– Oh, I love this one.  This particularly applies to women who are not yet mothers.  Like my sister Brittany explained in a comment of a previous post,  our divine qualities require our doing “our part”.  Such a wise gal!  I think it’s too easy to think, “oh, things will be different when the kiddos have grown…then it will be my time.”   Yes, things will definitely be different, but as I watch my mother-in-law my grandmothers, and my mother: they are still mothering…and will continue to mother.  What a blessing to those around them. 

The greatest gift to a child is a content mother– This is so true.  When I have had challenges, bad moments, bad days, and my kiddos have found me tearing up, I can tell that it worries them.  Later, they will come, find my eyes dry, and gratefully proclaim, “you’re ok now momma.”  “You are happy.”  There are so many ways we can be content.  Of course it’s not just the emotions, but it is a choice.  Choosing to be content is choosing to have peaceful children.

The mundane acts are the most precious– I truly believe this as well.  Reflecting at the end of the day, I usually wonder if I enjoyed those sweet mundane moments as I should.  Thank goodness they happen each day.  So if I am not satisfied, I can try to improve the following day.

Nothing worthwhile is easy – Goodness.  If an Eternal Family really is as incredible as I know it to be, this life is sure not going to be easy.  Oh, but it is worth it.

So what are your thoughts?  What brings you contentment as a woman, parent, or friend?   How do the roles you play help you find contentment, and how are you satisfied in those roles as you search for your own fulfillment?

2 thoughts on “discovery – contentment by maria covey cole

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  2. I´m reading Marias book right now and I love it! So many wise, uplifting and inspiering thaughts! All mothers should read it!

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