theory – eat and be patient – an adventure on the ski slopes


The designer has been enjoying his ski pass to Park City this Season.  (My knees and legs have been through their own wars, so when I do ski, it only feels good for a couple hours).  He enjoys skiing with his brother Paul, and my brothers Brig and Sean.  We thought this year might be the year to introduce skiing to the builder.

Do you ever have those days where you just can’t plan enough?  That’s how this afternoon’s ski adventure began.  The dancer feel asleep as we entered Park City, the BabyHawk (that I religiously take everywhere) had somehow been left at home, a favorite glove was left in the car, and as we walked onto the snow, the builder no longer wanted to ski.


(the dancer & grower looking on)

He wouldn’t even put the boots into the skis.  We tried to talk reasoning for a bit, and all we could get out of him was that he wanted to eat at the adjacent restaurant.  The designer had packed  the cooler full in case we were hungry before we got home.  The cooler food was offered and unwanted. 

The builder was adamant that we sit up with the other skiers on the balcony.  So our little skeptical-of-a party: two parents, a 3 year old, 2 year old and baby, all trudged past the bar and onto the balcony.  (Yes, there were many stares, some smiles and genuine excitement that we were starting so young…little did they know…we hadn’t even begun).  🙂 

Of course the menu was expensive.  We debated what to get as the kids looked over the balcony at the slopes of skiers.  The boys went to find the restroom, and I watched the grill guy handle the food with his hands.  Place them on the grill, wipe his jeans, pick up chairs, more food…

The boys came back and we left the restaurant.  I didn’t feel so bad.  The kiddos and I sat near the skating rink as the designer went to retrieve the cooler.  Soon they were eating apples, peanut butter sandwiches, and mustering up some courage to get closer to the rink.


Soon the older two were out on the rink, trying the walkers (that looked just like Aunt Nellie’s…tennis balls and all).  The sun was getting warmer by the minute, and we gradually took off most of our layers. 



The designer wanted to try one more time.  A full and happy belly had surely brought the adventurous builder back.  We gathered our gear once more, climbed back down the parking garage, and drove out to the lower parking lot. 

The grower and I stayed behind to feed him.  I thought for sure they would be right back, but I could not see them.  As I debated what to do (the grower’s socks were all wet by now…from crawling and climbing in the snow).  The designer returned with the dancer, wondering if we were coming to see the builder…who was loving it!


Today’s success is attributed to the patience and wisdom of the designer.  We had packed and readied,  but thanks to his clear head, and knowing the food issues of our family, the builder was inspired to try again. 

Oh, and the designer’s promise to the builder: that once he learned to ski well, he could ride the chair lift with his dad!

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