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In case you’re wondering: I don’t blog throughout the day.  At least, not usually.  I prefer to have posts ready the night before, and sometimes, I’m really on the ball and have them scheduled days in advance (like this Monday’s recipe post…curried ginger pear chicken…hungry just thinking of it). 

So I got a bit tired at the end of this week, behind on my posts, and taken over…by the newsletter due tomorrow. 

I compile the Relief Society Newsletter each month.  It’s been a recent calling for me.  Each month I find more exciting things to include, discover more people that I need to call for info (I have a hard time with the phone…previously written about it here and here), it has taken more time each month, and as I prepared this latest, found I have run out of room (unless we upgrade from one double sided page to two). 

It’s not that excting, but I figure I better record what I have been doing the past few days.  Do you have a Relief Society Newsletter?  What are your favorite features that are included each month?

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