theory – the wait for inspiration


Last week I got a phone call, asking me to trade months for Sharing Time Class Presentations.  I’m currently teaching the Valiant 10 class.  I adore them.  We have a wonderful time together.  Our class was to teach the last week in April, but I’m hoping we might get to visit the OC for my brother Brigham’s Eagle Court of Honor, so I thought the trade was a good idea.

Though, I was a bit worried, for I knew that I also had to have the March Newsletter printed for today as well.  So I figured we’d better have the Sharing Time planned together and time for last minute items during class before our presentation. 

I wanted the class members to do it for the most part, help me plan our presentation, yet have some direction for them.  Our topic is the February theme: “I came to earth as part of a Family.”  The few days before our class planning session, I searched for inspiration to know how to help them prepare.  Nothing was coming.  Perhaps I was too busy to hear it.

As I was scrambling last Sunday morning (we have 9 am church this year…loving it), I was still coming up empty-handed.  The designer could see my frustration.  “But aren’t you going to have them help you plan it,” he asked. 

“Yes,” I replied, “I just want a general idea of what we are going to discuss, so I can guide the planning along.”

I gave up and we made it on time for Sacrament Meeting.  It was Ward Conference, and our theme for the year is Temple commitment and attendance.  In the nursing room, I listened to the Bishop’s talk about the importance of the temple and it’s role in our family life.  It was then that the inspiration finally came.

We were to focus on the temple as an integral part of our lesson.  Why did it take so long for the inspiration to come?  It was a simple theme.  An idea that would integrate each of their thoughts.  It was a simple road map, but it brought so much comfort.  And our planning session was wonderful.  The kids each came up with a topic within our theme and wrote a mini talk to present their topic.  I was so proud of them. 

There is one class member that is extremely shy.  He doesn’t like to do anything during Opening Exercises in Sharing Time, doesn’t like to read aloud, pray in front of our class.  But he has prayed, read, and wrote his mini talk with the rest of them (despite protesting in the beginning).  I told him we would find something for him to do…something he would want to do…and we did.  What a blessing. 

Yes, I had to wait for the inspiration.  Disappointed and even a bit of surprise at a loss of what to do, but it was worth it.  We worked together, and they were so driven, to learn, to plan, to be in charge of this presentation.

For me, I realize that sometimes we have to let go.  That the Lord is truly in charge, waiting for us to let him direct us.  Knowing that at times, even when we are given little, there is much he does give.  We don’t have to know everything.  We just need to know enough to continue on His path.

Reminds me of a great talk by Neil L Anderson of the Seventy, “You Know Enough”.  

Have you waited long for inspiration?  What helped you be patient?  What would you recommend?

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