kiddo daily delight – the annual snowman’s ball by mark kimball moulton


Ever since we checked out The Annual Snowman’s Ball from the library, we’ve read it daily.  I’ve also caught the builder reading it alone and yesterday morning, he was reading it to the dancer.

It’s an enchanting story of wintertime, friends, food, music, dancing, skating, and of course, snowmen.  The kiddos love reading about Snowman Bob and his wife Sue. 

For our enchanting morning, we had Riley over.  The kiddos played trains and built tracks.  They were engaged longer than I can remember with the trains.  Then we took out the cookie dough we’d made together yesterday afternoon, and the three kiddos chose cookie cutters.

As the cookies baked, we made smoothies together.  They love smoothies.  Thanks for coming over Riley…hope to see you again soon!



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