kiddo daily delight – o’sullivan’s stew by hudson talbott


All month our preschool theme has been ‘healthy cooking/eating.’ Earlier this week Sara did a really fun thing at snack: had the boys eat carrots and pears and look in the mirror, and then do the same thing after eating an Oreo cookie.  Their main activity was a trip to the dentist.  As I was helping the last couple get coats and boots on, Ray told me that he didn’t want to go to the dentist.  “Oh, it will be fun, Ray!” I assured him.  “I don’t think it will be fun,” replied Ray.  Then I realized that he was scared.  “Don’t worry Ray,  you won’t get your teeth cleaned today.  You’re going to go and check out the office, ride the chair, you might even get a treat or something.”  He seemed okay with that.  Apparently they had a wonderful time.  🙂


As for today’s main activity: we have been talking about recipes, so we read Hudson Talbott’s O’ Sullivan Stew’s together.   The overall theme is “Everyone is one of us.”  There are tall tales, magic, fantasy, sea dragons, wailing wolves, a king, and a heroine.  After reading this fun story together.  We came up with our own recipe.  One for a cake, filled with a dragon, fairy, leprechaun, king, sneezing Kate…  The boys drew as they felt comfortable, but mostly dictated the crayon I was holding. 


Then we talked a bit about setting the table.  (They are getting better at helping during snack time).  They were each given a napkin, plate, spoon, fork, knife, and glass.  I quickly showed them the basic layout, and we sang and danced to a fun song about setting the table.  Hoping for some table setting confidence and willingness for those cute moms out there!  Maybe next week we’ll set our tables again and have a dinner party with our play food (during Centers).   


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