delight – preschool aide


Just wanted to throw out a special ‘Thank You’ to everyone who helped preschool run more smoothly (as well as those of you who volunteered to help).  Especially, to Kathryn, for the last minute willingness to watch the dancer and grower.  To the designer, for picking up the kiddos on his way home for lunch (laya babe).  And a special hug and ‘thank you’ to my mother-in-law JuLee, who arranged everything, even foreseeing that I wouldn’t be prepared enough for the last minute change, and came and took the kiddos to Kathryn & Charlotte’s for me!  (She even had a flight planned for early this afternoon…what we would all do without her!…enjoy Melissa, Chad, Charlie, & Sarah…your time has come!)

The boys and I had a wonderful morning together, and wow, how easy it was to teach without my extra two…!  Thanks again everyone!


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