discovery – green floors: bamboo, cork, marmoleum


As always, been thinking about the green home of my dreams lately. I’m encouraged that home builders are paying more attention to green flooring options. Not only does it save our planet, but it is usually less expensive.

My favorite local green supplier,Green Building Center, gives suggestions for green flooring options. The marmoleum is not my favorite because it reminds me too much of linoleum, but I would love to use bamboo and cork flooring in our home.

A while back, I ordered some bamboo samples from Simple Floors. I love the color choices they have. My favorites are Irish moss, Vertical Natural, and Red Cognac. Amazing how affordable…some are even $1.99 a square foot. Unfortunately, I know you have to do your research on the product, for you can’t guarantee how green the bamboo really is and if fair trade is being implemented. A great article to read: on Treehugger.

At the same time, I also ordered some cork flooring samples from Simple Floors. Lots of choices there as well. The patterns within the samples were very different. Once again, very affordable at less than $4 a square foot.

Have you used ‘green flooring?’  Are you enjoying it, and what recommendations would you have for homeowners?

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