kiddo daily delight – the biggest valentine by steven kroll


Even though Valentine’s Day has passed, the kiddos are still in the ‘Happy Valentine’s’ spirit.  They loved making and receiving Valentines, making Valentine boxes, delivering them during preschool. 

Our first batch of Valentines weren’t much aesthetically, but Saturday afternoon, we picked it up a notch.  We made Valentines for Grandparent’s, Aunts, and cousins.  As the builder was tearing and cutting paper, he wanted me to use it.  Sure, why not, I thought.  Soon his papers became a collage and I then cut hearts out of the paper a la builder:


The dancer was more interested in writing.  She squiggles quite purposefully, and I love watching her in action.


The final product: green Valentines…nothing spent, except stamps 🙂  This process can easily be adapted for any card creating project: birthday, other holidays, well wishes…


Ever Since GiGi brought Valentine books for the kiddos, we have been reading them everyday, and usually more than once a day.  The biggest Valentine Ever is about two friends who learn to work together, use the strengths that they have and make something better than they could alone.  This sure explains our second round of Valentine creations!


2 thoughts on “kiddo daily delight – the biggest valentine by steven kroll

  1. The builder has a hard time as well. I try to encourage him, but haven’t pushed because I want him to want it. The dancer picked it up all on her own. She loves to watch. I think that’s how she figures out many things. 🙂

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