kiddo daily delight – alexander and the wind up mouse by leo lionni



M is on our brains ’round here.  We are working on the letter “Mm.”

After recognizing “Mm,” sorting through our magnet letters till we each found one, and reviewing the sound it makes, we read Leo Lionni’s version of Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse.  Such a great fable.  Have you read this one?  The toy is loved so, and the real mouse is always getting screamed at.  The real mouse loves the toy also, but wishes to be a toy so that he can also be loved.  He consults a magic lizard, and when the time comes to change, he saves his toy friend from the trash and they are both real mice.  Great story.  Love watching the builder’s brain turn as we discuss what is happening.

We drew a map for our hungry mouse, and then they each colored a mouse.  Then grandma called and they got to go play with their cousins for an hour.  It was a good morning.  We did laundry together for a while.  They hid in the sorting bins as the grower peered in at them.  The builder and dancer love watching the washer fill with water.  I have had to request that they do not play in it, move the clothes in the washer, for they get water everywhere.  🙂



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