gwg – adventures and advice in home remodeling

A few years ago, my husband and I embarked upon our first real renovating adventure.  Married just over a year, we had just moved, my husband had begun a new job, our first child was a few months old, and we had just bought a condo that had been poorly cared for and was in desperate need of cosmetic remodeling. 

New paint, cleaning, patching up the drywall holes…that was the easy part of our journey.  All of the flooring needed to be replaced, (other than the ceramic tile in the entry), and the kitchen cabinets were waterdamaged and in need of repair or replacement.

We decided to use hardwood throughout the main floor, and carpet  in the lower level and loft above.  At the time we knew nothing about finishes, let alone green choices, but we had a cousin’s father in the flooring business.  After visiting a few other local flooring shops, we chose to use our family connection and ordered the carpet and wood flooring.  (Oh that we’d known about cork and FLOR carpeting)!

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