kiddo daily delight – angelina and the butterfly by katharine holabird


The kiddos are into Angelina and insects of all kinds.  The dancer and I found Angelina and the Butterfly at the library.  It is a wonderful story about freedom, being trapped, caring for nature, and working together to solve problems.

After reading our story, we chose to “free our butterflies” by making paper butterflies from catalogs (one of my favorite, free mediums), and hang them from the kitchen chandelier with twine. 

Folding the paper in half, I cut half of the butterfly and then let the builder open it to reveal the beautiful insect.  He was pleasantly surprised and immediately made it fly.  The dancer was busy making her own creations with her scissors and paper.  Soon, she was also enjoying the paper butterflies, telling me where to put them. 

It was time to feed the grower, so I left them with their hanging butterflies and paper creations.  When I returned, they were still happily engaged and enjoying each other.  Sometimes the simplest of projects can be the most successful.  Surprise, surprise.  🙂




What are some of the coolest, simple projects that you have made with your kiddos lately?

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