gwg – reclaimed glassware: 5 eco-friendly companies to watch


I love glassware.  The kiddos use some plastic, but are gradually switching as well.  Perhaps it’s the taste (or lack of), maybe it is the coolness in your hands, the noticeable weight in your grasp.  Whatever the reason, we love to drink from glassware.  Currently we have a few different styles, yet all clear and without added color.  But my favorite glasses I’ve owned (all gone now), were blue and green glass. 

Recently I saw some beautiful green glasses by The Green Glass Company, and wondered, “What other options are out there and those with policy/reputation I can feel good about supporting?”

So here is a list of 5 eco-friendly companies that offer reclaimed glassware:

The Green Glass Company– Since 1992, the Green Glass Company has been producing glassware with resource preservation in mind.  Instead of using the non-environmentally friendly method of acid etching., the glassware is sandblasted to create the “frost” look.  All of their products are made in the northwoods of Wisconsin, and are leading their industry.  

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