development – lightning mcqueen painting for joshy


Joshy will be three on Tuesday.  He is a big Lightning McQueen fan.  Should be a great day for this sweet 3 year old.  He will melt some hearts one day.  Tonight he gave me two of the most delicate kisses on my cheek…  🙂  Happy Birthday Josh.

So in Gretchie/Allison style, I’m writing some notes to the Universeon my character paintings…

Dear Walt…Disney, that is,
Do you really care if I paint Disney Characters? My kiddos love them, and I’m sure that other kiddos would too. And why did I get a mean comment from another etsy gal the day I posted the dancer’s cinderella painting and the builder’s spiderman painting?  I’m not trying to steal this from you, more than anything I am trying to support the budding love of art in our home and celebrating something that our kiddos love.  If I painted your portrait it would be okay right?  So what about Lightning?  Could I really get sued for painting this? 

Obviously I need some legal advice, so if there is anyone out there in this Universe willing to help a momma artist, feel free to shed some light on the subject.  Where is the line between stealing and celebrating?

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