kiddo daily delight – the story of babar by jean de brunhoff


I’m not sure when it all began, but the kiddos enjoy washing their animals in the sink from time to time.  The builder was the first to enjoy the practice, but lately it is the dancer who suggests or requests washing the animals:


She is definitely the clean one of the bunch.  Loves to have her nose wiped (regularly requests it), will wipe the boys’ noses and fixes the builder’s hair when it is disheveled.  A routine trash collect-er and clean-er-up-er, she sings the ‘clean up’ song gladly as we tidy up the house. 

Looking through our books I was reminded of Babar, the clothing wearing elephant who went to tea and drove his own car.  The kiddos loved reading about this funny animal and his jungle family in the Story of Babar

What is your favorite Babar story?


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