kiddo daily delight – fhe & the glory of the temple by darrel brad chamberlain


We had a rough fhe start tonight…it was bound to happen.  🙂  But we kept going and the result brought fun singing, a short lesson, and some games.

I’m so excited, we’re going to the Draper Temple Open House on Saturday!  So we had a temple lesson tonight. 

targeted learning areas for lesson:

  • what is a temple?
  • what is the purpose of the temple?
  • temple reverence

activity learning areas:

  • kinetic
  • following directions
  • alphabet identification
  • color coordination

After we talked a bit about temples (toddler style), we read through The Glory of the Temple together, looked for the angel Moroni atop many of the breathtaking buildings.  We found some that we have visited, reminiced visiting Temple Square when it was lit during the Christmas season, and the kiddos picked their favorite temples.


For our activities, we played red-light-green light, the designer helped the kiddos with their alphabet cards, and they ran across the floor like frogs, rabbits, crocodiles, butterflies, and sharks. 

Despite the rough start, we ended happily.  My favorite moments were the builder holding the dancer’s hand during red-light-green-light, the designer and his alphabet game, and the dancer sharing her alphabet cards with the grower.    




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