theory – kiddo daily delight: what is it?


It all began late November, with a desire to countdown to Christmas with a special activity each day.  Our excitement escalated as we got nearer to Christmas Day, and the designer and I recognized that something good was happening.  Something that we  didn’t want to end with Christmas.

I thought of some of my favorite parts of each day with the kiddos.  There were activities and projects of all kinds, and then there was story time.  When they combined, there was a sort of magic that accompanied our day.  I wanted a bit of magic for the kiddos and their parentals everyday, beyond the holidays.

So the kiddo daily delights began.  Together, the kiddos and I created the kiddo daily delight system which is much like our advent…a calendar of sorts.  I put the names of prepared books and correlating activities inside each envelope.  Some days we use the planned activities.  Other days I find the magic as we read stories that relate or increase their learning and play.  And of course there is fhe on Monday evening, where we have a story or book that relates to the lesson. 

I have enjoyed the balance of :

  • choosing books that have topics that I know they have an interest
  • discovering books with possible activities and targeted learning I think they will enjoy
  • finding books that continue their learning and encourage them to take it to the next level
  • stories that develop the concepts we are learning each Monday evening at fhe

We have a fairly large children’s library thanks to family, friends, and my obsession while single and student teaching in the schools.  But we frequent the library and grab a stash of great books every couple weeks. 

We do what works for us.  If you would like to join us in our adventure find what works best for you.  My personal goal is to do 5 kiddo daily delights a week.  Generally we do closer to 6, but I want it to be achievable as well as enjoyable.  So far so good.  If you have ideas, suggestions and queries please comment or email me at

As for those of you, like Jessi, that do not have a local library, (or one in your native tongue!), here are some suggestions/ideas:

  • use what you have, it is enough – children love repetition, and really, you could spend all week on one book, just different activities (that gives me an idea…)
  • if you choose to buy books, make it worth it – there are great compilations out there.  Some of my favorites that we have are The 20th Century Children’s Book Treasury, The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie-The-Pooh (another idea coming in),  A Family of Poems and Treasury of Children’s Poetry.
  • go ahead and read books in other languages– a cherished book given by Walter & Esther in Switzerland, is all in German (I studied French, Italian, & Danish), but the kiddos and I still love to read it.  It is simple enough that we have figured out the gist of the book (it is a counting book). 
  • use the illustrations– sometimes I summarize for the kiddos (when there are lots and lots of words and they are anxious to turn the page).  Illustrations will give you enough to tell the story yourself…even better, have your kiddo tell the story…let their imaginations run wild.  The builder loves reading to the dancer and grower, and the dancer is now beginning to do the same with the grower.  Fascinating.
  • google books– while looking for a photo of a book online one day, I noticed that whole books are being saved on google.  It takes a while to turn the pages and stuff, and it’s nothing like traditional story time, but every once in a while it might serve it’s purpose for you.  Especially when you cannot find the book and it’s not in the budget to purchase it at the time.
  •– another great find.  Unlike google books, audible is not free and requires membership, but is an amazing resource.  I have fond memories listening to books on family road trips.  Audible is not only a space saver, but a great adventure as the kiddos can illustrate the stories themselves. 

Well those are my ideas for now.  Are you enjoying the kiddo daily delights?  What is your favorite book used so far?

One thought on “theory – kiddo daily delight: what is it?

  1. Trina you amaze me! I love your ideas with the daily delights, I think it is good for Mom to have a focus so the day just doesn’t get away (like most of mine). Thank you for the awesome literary suggestions.

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