kiddo daily delight – a house for hermit crab by eric carle


Oh the joys of cardboard boxes.  Just when I think the kiddos will soon be ready to recycle, they come up with new ways to build and use these marvelous tools. 

This morning, this is what the kiddos were doing:

The builder said he was a turtle hiding in his shell.  Soon, there were two turtles happy in their shelled homes. 

I got them dressed and took the builder and his buddy, Jack, to preschool.  The dancer, grower, and I headed to the library to restock our kiddo daily delight options, and begin collecting books for Sara & I’s turn teaching preschool next month.

Yesterday was Storytimewith Miss Sally, so this morning was desolate at the library (a relief and reward for the librarians who work Wednesday, I’m sure).  The children’s section was tidied, quiet, just a peaceful Miss Jamaica (the children’s literature specialist, who went to school with the designer and not your typical librarian…she’s fun, patient, smart, and the kiddos love her).  After a nice chat with Miss Jamaica, I found myself sitting in one of the isles with the dancer handing me book choices, the grower in my lap and climbing everywhere, and me gleaning what I could.

There it was.  Eric Carle’s A House for Hermit Crab.  I haven’t read it until today.  Boy have I been missing out.  But not the kiddos.  The tale is about a growing hermit crab in search of a larger home.  Each month he finds new ocean beauties with admirable qualities, and invites them to be part of his home.  The builder and I loved watching each sea creature become part of the hermit’s entourage.  At the end of the year, the crab is once again too large for his home, but does not want to leave his friends.  Another smaller crab is looking for a new home and the hermit crab is now relieved and ready to move on.

This story was great for the kiddos as we discussed various homes that animals choose.  I loved reiterating the months of the year, and the kiddos are very intrigued with the ocean and sea creatures.   

Other ways to use this book:

  • dramatize the journey of the hermit crab
  • talk about making new friends and inviting newcomers to be our friends
  • recognizing that change can be scary, but that there are always ways to fill our lives with loved ones and beauty
  • further learning about the sea creatures in the book
  • make a list of our friends, why we like them, their talents and qualities
  • make a growth chart and record changes each month
  • recognize, as the hermit crab does,  that making friends takes time and kindness

Are you familiar with this book?  How have you used it in your homes/classroom?  What other ways will you use this book?  Are your kiddos into boxes?

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