delight – do you mormon mommy blogs?


Can’t remember where I first spotted the link to Mormon Mommy Blogs, but I have enjoyed the varied sites and getting a sneak peek into hundreds of posts at a time.   Next time you’re there, look under the “Crunchy Moms” category for thedailydelights…its a Natural Mommas category.  But you probably already knew that.  Its just me, having a bit of an identity crisis…:)  Anyways, I’ve met some really neat gals within the last few weeks all thanks to Mormon Mommy Blogs.

And why am I telling you all this?  Because they are having an amazing giveaway!  Go post a comment by tonight at midnight MST.  Weird, I know, but whenever I spread word about a giveaway…someone I know usually wins…yes, it could be you!

ps. no, you don’t have to be Mormon to enter, read, or be on the blog list… so check it out.

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