theory – what have you done for yourself lately?


There are two reasons I began this site:

  1. To commit myself to self-development – the blog has been the assessment in my joy seekeing, learning adventure.  It is where I record my projects, success, failures, and overall journey.
  2. To inspire others to do the same – make time for themselves.  Make something, create, dream, learn something new, become something better, cultivate more joy in their lives and within the lives of those around them. 

Maybe you’ve arrived here because you have interests in one of my current project areas:

  • healthy cooking
  • green building/remodeling
  • art/painting
  • creating with used items
  • cooking with food allergies/intolerances
  • life with small kiddos
  • natural health and living
  • gospel learning
  • literature-based activities for kiddos

But ultimately, if you have left thedailydelights and have not been inspired to do something for yourself, to go after a dream, to develop a hidden talent, or to use your talents to help others and bring joy, then I am failing miserably.  If this site was just for me I would have made it private.  But I feel strongly that if the theory can make a positive difference in my life, than it can do the same in yours.  Yes, this site is for you. 

Will you take the plunge with me?  No, you don’t have to be President Obama to make change in your life and the life of others.  It starts small.  Small decisions that evolve into big changes for a more joyful life.

Think about one thing that you have done for yourself within the last 48 hours…something that has brought you joy.  And what will you do within the next 48?  Set some goals in the areas of delight, discovery, and development (take 5 minutes…or take 40, whatever you can).   

Would you be willing to share?  Are there topics you’d like discussed that will help your personal development?  I would love any response, suggestions, thoughts…smiles…:)  Are you already recording your daily delights?   Does it work for you?  Maybe you’d like to make the time, just haven’t…I’d love to hear that too. (Or more frightening, is this just another pretty blog?)  I would love to know!

In return, I will recommit to posting within the theory category weekly.  Don’t be shy.  Thanks to Gayle, Julie, Shanna, Krystalina, William, and Gretchie Luv, for your queries & suggestions lately, that have helped so many others and directed this journey.   Finally, a big thanks to Alex for her recent motivation, that has been the catalyst to my recommittment. 

To your delights!


2 thoughts on “theory – what have you done for yourself lately?

  1. Trina, I love your blog! How did you get it set up so non-traditionally? I love all the elements of it too! Your ideas are realy fun!

  2. Hi Julia, came recommended by so many, and I have just loved it. Just like blogger, you can choose from many templates. This is the third I’ve tried out, and it’s called ‘Fjords’.

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