kiddo daily delight – song and dance man by karen ackerman


The kiddos and I went to music with Miss Kristythis morning.  The builder was a bit off the wall…literally so excited to be there.  As always, we all had a wonderful time.  Highlights were the builder building a giraffe with his instruments, the dancer twirling with scarves (her dancing has really improved since we attended class last), and the grower enjoying the movement and music from the baby hawk

So I thought we ought to extend our music fun.  The Song and Dance Man by Karen Ackerman, illustrated by Stephen Gammell was the perfect book.  We read about the vaudeville grandpa, his tap shoes, costume trunk, and enthusiastic audience (his grandkiddos).  Soon we were busy pulling out our costumes, hats, bags, whatever we could find.  The grower needed to eat, so I turned the activity over to the designer (he does such a great job).

He asked the builder if they wanted music.  The builder requested the Nutcracker.  I returned to find the dancer wearing her Abby Cadaby outfit and the builder was a “girl gardener.”  He wanted the sash and flower off the hat, but it was glued on, so I guess that’s where the “girl” part came from.  They put on a great show for us.  

One thought on “kiddo daily delight – song and dance man by karen ackerman

  1. i love the artwork in that book!

    also, thanks for your thoughtful responses…both about the allergies and places to consider living. i really appreciate your help and opinion. THANKS!!!

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