gwg – freshaire paint at home depot: VOC free

Yes, there are no VOCs in the Freshairepaint mixture as well as the color. Another suprise is that you can buy it at the Home Depot. There is a lifetime warranty on their paint products and it is durable enough to clean just like VOC-full paint. Even better…for a limited time you can order 3 free samples of their paint. To order your own free samples click here.

For additional articles about Freshaire on, click here and here.

2 thoughts on “gwg – freshaire paint at home depot: VOC free

  1. Thanks. for this article. I am four month pregnant and have not painted the nursery for our soon to be addition. I was looking for a paint that I could use safely while pregnant as well as be assured that there would be not toxic chemicals for the new baby. I will try this out.

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