kiddo daily delight – olivia by ian falconer


Olivia is a favorite of the kiddos, especially the dancer.  Ian Falconer paints a perfect image of the life of a toddler.  My kiddos relate and I understand them better. 

The dancer was given some beautiful dress-ups from her grandma for Christmas and she and her siblings have been enjoying them immensely.  I don’t feel too bad when the boys dress in her princess costumes with her, for I have seen way too many photos of the designer and his cousin Jacob, in make-up and dresses…(you’ve seen these right Jessi?) 🙂

The original book about Olivia has pages dedicated to her dressing and undressing.  The kiddos and I love to sit together and name all the articles of clothing she is wearing.  Then they go try on their own.  As they dance and move in the dress-ups, they have to run into my room and check themselves out in the mirror.  Just part of the routine I guess.  The grower loves to taste everything, he is very intrigued with the dancer’s crown.  Sometimes they have me dress-up too, but mostly I am busy helping them in and out of each outfit.  Always an adventure…

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