kiddo daily delight – fhe: taking care of our bodies


All three kiddos began our fhe playing and singing a medley of songs together on the piano.  I’m not really sure what it all was, but I know that Iam A Child of God and Jingle Bells were definitely a part of their memorable piece. 

Our attention activity was a memory game suggested in Behold Your Little Ones (Nursery Manual) Chapter 10.   In a large bowl, I placed an avocado, vitamins, raisins, and a pear.  The designer would hide the bowl, take away one of the items, and then ask us to guess which one disappeared.  The builder was a pro at the game, and the dancer loved the suspense. 

For our lesson, we then discussed how our Heavenly Father gave us our bodies as a gift.  That he loves us very much and that he wants us to take good care of our bodies.  We talked about good food, rest, cleanliness, and exercise. 

Our activity was making a gluten-free chocolate cake together (courtesy of Tonya and our fhe gift at Christmas).  The buildersuggested that we add sprinkles to our cake.  We placed it in a Bundt pan and called it the “pirate cake” for I could look at them through the whole like a pirate and his periscope.

Then the designer had a basketball game.  So the kiddos and I ate our cake, made some almond milk to drink with it, and danced together till bedtime.

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