discovery – got eczema? top 10 tips and things you should know


I’ve written before about my sahm nemesis: eczema, but when gretchie luv was asking for help, I thought it best to come up with the top 10 things to consider if you or a loved one have eczema.  Some are products you may already be using.  Perhaps there are a few changes to be made.  Others will require dilligence and research.  As with anything regarding the health of  you and your loved ones, make small, gradual changes.  Here they are:

  1. Lotion – stay clear of lotions and creams with perfumes, and un natural ingredients.  If it’s not safe to eat, it’s probably not good to put on your skin either.  My personal favorite lotion for the entire family: Burt’s Bee Buttermilk Lotion.  Another natural choice is to use coconut oil, topically, as well as adding it to your diet.  For an excellent ointment, try Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone.  It is great for soo many ailments.  Money well spent.
  2. Natural soap– for me, it’s the never-ending dishes to wash, diapers to change and laundry to wash.  My hands are always wet or being washed.  Avoid the fancy smelling soaps and consider a great alternative: Dr Bronner’s hand soaps and pure castile soaps.
  3. Jewelry– the metals worn in jewelry or even the zippers on clothing, can also cause skin inflammation.  Wondering if there is a quick fix to your eczema problem? Consider changing or removing jewelry. 
  4. Stress – Believe it or not, stress can actually cause eczema.  Not only can it invite eczema but it can also prolong the problem.  Take a well needed break and see if it helps.
  5. Gloves – Protect your eczema ridden hands from moisture while washing dishes and performing other wet chores.
  6. Humidifier – Regular use of a humidifier can restore the depleted moisture in your skin.
  7.  B vitamins– Vitamin B complex and B3 can promote healthy skin and efficient circulation.  Make sure you choose a formula that is yeast-free.  Supplements of Vitamin B6 and B12 are also helpful.     
  8. Sugar – Avoid sugar (especially refined sugar) for it will feed yeast,and worsen eczema.  Natural sugars such as raw honey and agave nectar will improve much more than eczema problems. 
  9. Whole Grains – Refined grains have less protein and more sugar.  Eat whole grains such as brown rice and millet.
  10. Food allergies – are a known cause of eczema.  Not sure if you have food allergies? Remove the highest allergy foods (peanuts, soy, eggs, gluten, and dairy) from your diet or get tested for food allergies

Whatever you do decide to change, give it an honest try for 6 weeks.   Though, after only one week, you should start feeling considerably better.  Your eczema should be diminishing. 

Any other must have’s for the eczema battle?  What has worked for you?

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